Marine de NICOLA

Singer, speaking Chinese, English and French.

The love story between Nicola and China started at a very young age, the moment her father showed her the fascinating footages he brought back from his trip to Chongqing. As the 8 years old attends singing class every week, she doesn't know yet that her passion for music and for Chinese culture will soon reunite.

At university, she learns mandarin and is chosen to represent France at the speaking competition "Chinese bridge" on Chinese TV in Changsha. Spotted as she performs the song "Tian Mi Mi", her first professional singing contract is offered to her, under the stage name "Momo". Just a few months later, she reaches the finals of the CCTV singing contest "Alley of stars".

At 22 years old, Momo travels all over China to sing the popular songs that the public loves. China feels like her second home, that is where she found her purpose.

After 2 years of singing, a serious health issue forces her to take a step back from her career. Back to France, as the healing process goes on, she feels the need to spend time with her family. This phase deeply transforms her, but she doesn't forget music... neither she forgets China.

Her meeting with the music producer/composer Marc Collin, creator of the worldwide famous band "Nouvelle vague", brings her back to the recording studios. Together, they create an electronic-pop project blending Chinese and French lyrics and music influences coming from both countries. This two faced, hybrid project genuinely resonates with the singer's journey.

As she was leaving China, Momo was a performer mainly doing covers of famous songs. She returns now as an artist who puts her heart into creation, guided by the experimented producer/composer Marc Collin. Momo prefers now to be called Nicola, her real name. That is her own way to reconnect with the public in the most honest and authentic way.

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/marinedenic/

Wechat : marinedenicola

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/marinedenicola/

Weibo : 尼可拉_Nicola

ECI is Marine's global manager.