Patrick IP

Patrick IP is a Chinese bilingual actor.

- Reversible (Short) 思前相後 Chun (Lead) CREATIO Studio (Director: Alson Lai黎子揚)
- Yeah! Shanghai夜!上嗨!Big Brother (Lead) China 33 Media Group (Alviss Ngan颜景新)
- Psyche Carrier 灵魂载体 Wei Sheng (Lead) USEN 上海尤森影视文化 (Yan Chen Wu吴焱晨)
- The Passport (Short) Undercover Cop (Principal) Studio Supreme (Olivier Hero Dressen)
- Hearing of the Hearts (Short) 声心 Travis/Chu Xuan (Lead) Shanghai Theatre Academy (Fiona Huang黄莺)
- A Choo 打喷嚏/我的情敌是超人 Boxer Muhammad's Assistant (Featured) Cathay-Keris Films (Peter Tsi戚家基, Ko Meng-Jung 柯孟融)
- First of May 五月一号/17岁 ABC Bar Patron (Featured) Blossom Entertainment Company (Ko-tai Chou周格泰)
- Black & White: The Dawn ofJustice 痞子英雄二部曲:黎明升起EMP Soldier (Featured) China Film Group Corporation (Tsai Yueh Hsun蔡岳勳)

- Improv: The Unknown in Creation Improv Performer Roc Sun Art Space, Shanghai
- The Bench He Shanghai Theatre Academy, Shanghai
- Shakespeare Rocks! Prospero/Richard III/Shakespeare Shanghai Theatre Academy, Shanghai
- Twelfth Night, or What You Will Sir Toby Belch Shanghai Theatre Academy, Shanghai
- “Romeo” and “Juliet” “罗密欧” 与 “朱丽叶” Movie Star Shanghai Theatre Academy, Shanghai
- White Horse Cafe 白马 Cafe Suzuki Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum, Shanghai

- Basic Improv The Groundlings Theatre and School Los Angeles
- Clown Level 1 The Clown School Los Angeles
- MFA, Acting (3 years) Shanghai Theatre Academy Shanghai
- Long-form Improvisation (2 years) Troupe Training Shanghai
- Meisner (1+ year) Master Class Meisner InstituteShanghai Los Angeles
- Tadashi Suzuki (movement) Master Class Shanghai
- Michael Chekhov Master Class Shanghai